For this year’s International Women’s Day we’ve teamed up with writer, artist and creative genius Jessica Hallbäck to get the message across. Jessica is known for replacing ads throughout Stockholm’s subway system with quotes of dark comedy and social messages, sometimes causing unprepared commuters to choke on their morning coffee. We’ve put together three exclusive denim jackets and a poster featuring the same message created by Jessica: ”It’s Feminism O’Clock". All proceeds will be put forth to the Swedish Red Cross campaign #medsyster - aiding women suffering from the effects of war, crisis, and disaster.

"Feminism to me means equality and respect. Something that should be so fundamental in all of us still requires an everyday fight. For us at Grandpa it’s always been and always will be important to acknowledge the International Women's Day and we're both proud and excited to show our collaboration with Jessica. "It’s Feminism O’Clock," says it is time: Time to understand that we are all needed to create a lasting change."

– Helene Forsberg, CEO at Grandpa.


We’ve created a limited edition poster with Jessica, serving as a friendly reminder of the new paradigm we’ve shifted into. Available at only.


It's feminism o'clock

Poster 50x70cm

40 EUR

Limited edition of 100 pcs

All proceeds will be put forth to the Swedish Red Cross campaign #medsyster



Together with Blackways Chainstitch Embroidery Service, we’ve put together three exclusive denim jackets with the Jessica Hallbäck original work chain-stitched embroidered on the back. These are truly unique, and are available for auction at Tradera.



XS - L, Available for auction

Limited edition of 3 pcs

All proceeds will be put forth to the Swedish Red Cross campaign #medsyster


Can’t get enough of Jessica's genius work? You'll find her talking about what inspires her (and more), in a short interview here. Enjoy!

How would you present yourself and your work?

I see myself as an everyday person, not like a super feminist who knows it all.I’m still learning - as I think we all are throughout life. But basic feminism and politics are easy and I don’t believe that it’s a difficult task to change the world. Someone described my book as “feminism in the most simple and genius way”. That describes my ambition for my work well. People also describe me as brave - and yes I am - but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think politics are scary.

What drives you?

Society’s injustice: not only when it comes to inequality between men and women since society is not equal in so many ways.

What inspires you?

The thought of my message changing people’s perspective.

Describe your workflow and how you get your ideas.

Life itself feeds me ideas – but it takes time to see it for what it really is. Life goes on nonstop: work, kids, school, cooking, cleaning, and so it can be hard to take a step back and see the injustice that’s right in front of us. That’s why I use the subway for my messages - to reach people in their everyday life with messages they rarely see. And maybe someone reading them starts thinking differently.

As a parent, what are the most important things you want to teach your children?

To treat everyone they meet equally. To be brave and believe in themselves, and to allow themselves to be like everyone else or like nobody at all. And last but not least: to know and feel that accomplishment isn’t the most important thing in life.

Any final words to those reading this?

Try to simplify things in order to see it more clearly. Politics doesn’t have to be complicated! Sometimes I think politicians make politics harder on purpose just to get their own agenda across without anyone knowing.

Follow Jessica here: @jessicahallback